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They live in a world with no love.
They hang out with friends who will hang them.
They have no one else.
They watch television, but really see nothing.
They listen to music more than a single parent, teacher or preacher.
They pick up a ball, but never a book.
They dress in clothes they can’t afford to be wearing.
They stand on the corner of guns and drugs.
They slip into cars taking them to prison or graveyards.
They don’t know where they come from or where they’re going.
They are lost. But won’t ask for directions.
They need us like never before.

R. Lee Gordon



Did you know John Hanson was the first President of The United States and that he was black?

Do you know what year President Lyndon B. Johnson signed The Civil Rights Act?

Blacks invented peanut butter, the pencil sharpener and the refrigerator.

Blacks also invented the clothes dryer, the traffic light and the elevator!

Do you know how the Buffalo Soldiers got their name?

Who was the first black player to play in a major league baseball game?

Did you know James Derham was the first black physician at age 16 in 1783?

Did you know the first black directed film was Gordon Parks' film "The Learning Tree"?

These are things we all need to know.

If we know where we've been, there's no telling how far we can go!

Terry Williams
Center Stage Magazine


Mujib in black RBG Purpose T shirt

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Here is the poem too..."Tiger Principle"...It's not clear/ how/the world/ Became/ the way/ that it is,/ but/ I've adopted/
a/ Philosophy/ to get through./ It's rooted in/ FAITH/ and requires/ Strength/ because its/ potency/ is a result/ of/ Determination/ This/ tripod/ has been/ the motivation/ for the/ Tiger/ Principle./ It's a/ mindset/ at best,/ a lifestyle/ a/ Philosophy./ Survival/ of the fittest./ The world/ is a/ Jungle/ where/ only/ the Tiger/survives...RIZE


Mellisa in Pyramid RBG T shirt



Bold/ Beautiful/ As defined by me, myself, and I./ Dirty/ Wicked/ If taken from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary./ So you look at me and question/ what I am./ You see my light brown skin/ with freckles a shade or two/ darker/ You examine my hair that/ can be worn straight or/ in a coiled fro./ You are mesmerized by/ my slanted eyes and/ continue to question/ what I am./ You mock my style/ but choose not to speak to me./ You talk to me as if I'm/ a child/ when I'm in fact nearing thirty/ You judge me based on my looks/ and/ seem to have a hard time deciding/ if you want to love me or hate me./ All the while/ Questioning/ what I am/ You assume that I'm mixed/ But, aren't we all?/ You determine through your own/ ideology that/ I'm not black/ Is it because/ I articulate my words/ or because/ I'm cultured?/ Is it my refined taste/ or/ my respectability?/ Is it because of my positive attitude/ or simply that my/ skin is not darker than/ yours?/ Could it be that my Blackness/ outshines yours?/ Through my understanding of my/ History/ Which gives me a certain appreciation/ for my past./ Through my admiration for/ those who have contributed to my/ present in so many different ways/ Through my diligence in my effort/ to become better for generations/ to benefit from me/ in the future./ So you still want to ask/ what I am/ I am bold/ I am beautiful/ I am Black

Jennifer Moorer aka RIZE

I was killed once
I died before and it was a horrible death
Shot dead Hung strung up
I laid in my warm pool of blood seeing the sky fading to dark
Fearful of what was on the other side
Eyes sunk in their sockets
Body covered with ants & flies buzzing
Chalk lines drawn undertaker coming
Body broken mouth open and pupils wide
Murdered before my prime
People passing my pine box in tears
My family’s fears realized
Dead to freedom and knowledge of self
The worst part of dying was I died for nothing
No cause No mission no progress
Just laid to rest more trash in the ground
Buried in this mess…and unblessed
Then Marcus Garvey carried me to safety
Bob Marley revived me
Martin delivered my new organs
And Malcolm sewed up my wounds
Tupac donated some bone marrow
While Huey adjusted my blood flow
Nat turner and Sojourner told my world I would pull threw
Harriet transported me to recovery
Finally Dubois gave me my release
The Dr. Clarke told me stay off me feet
Once back in this world Sister Soulja took to me rehab
Helping me walk Assata took me by the hand
My vocal cords were damage so Fred Jr taught me how to speak
Ali turned off the TV and told me I need to get to healing
Maya Angelou showed me how to use my hands
While Nikki Giovanna removed my body cast
Mutulu Shakur wrote me a letter to keep my head up
I read it as Mandela helped me make my bed up
Still weak when I got home but Corinne Bayle Ray cooked me a meal
Shared rhymes with Mos Def and Badu sung and rubbed my forehead
Got visits from Common and joked bedside with Outkast
Talk the future with Dead Prez
When I felt better danced with Jill Scott
Vibed with the Fugees
Bobbed my head to Kayne’s beats
Even had fun riding with Greg Street
Lupe and I played checkers
Goodie Mob taught me Chess
Floetry bought cloths for my daughter
The Gorillaz brought me some water
Then that’s when my baby girl walked
She said “daddy get up I need your love and hugs”
That was enough for me
I was well thanks to my lil mama
And I can’t forget my life savers
I was killed once
But revived by history music and love
Given a mission to repay them
Only payment good enough is sharing my words
Passion along my vision
In hopes of saving the world
Also educating my people
And doing as Umi say
Still in this world because my job is far from done



there was a time
in my lifetime
and many of our lifetimes
when red, black and green
was everywhere
and beautiful was the world.

even when we had to fight
for things everyone else had
but didn’t have to fight for
we rose as one and won
and the world was beautiful.

and we bathed in pride
wore purpose
and our power was there
for the world to see
in beautiful colors.

then struck storms
taking our best away
to darken my days
as skies poured pain.

and i lost my way.

in what was once
a beautiful world.

R. Lee Gordon






tree of black unity

"The tree of black unity is growing everyday. 
Let us now bear fruit so that all our children flourish."

R. Lee Gordon is president of UniTee Design, Inc. He also develops concepts and companies through his work with a global entrepreneur, and their mutual goal is to make Detroit (and the world) a better place to live, work and play.  Gordon has provided marketing and growth solutions for more than 200 business owners between New York City and Chicago

Please share your writings and poems with us via email to info@uniteedesign.com    
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