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UniTee Design, Inc. is an ethnic empowerment enterprise on a mission and with a vision: to reestablish Black Unity by empowering our youth through better educational opportunities.

There is a simple, painful truth. We are all failing too many failing youth. The problems they face are many in a society where there was once a greater concern for values and education. Most of today’s children have no values, little hope, and dreams they falsely believe to be achievable goals.

It is critical we find a better way, a different direction, to engage and excel our children. UDI believes we must capitalize on the interests most important to them -- be it video games, music, sports, etc. -- to deliver educational programs that leverage their interests, and better motivate and engage our youth to want to learn and succeed. It is of equal importance these programs incorporate positive principles that the red, black and green colors of our culture represent: a PRIDE in heritage and history; a POWER to overcome negative circumstances and environments; and a PURPOSE every child desperately needs to define or find to inspire love of self, and flourish to his or her’s fullest potential.

UDI funds, supports and develops youth enrichment programs through sales of our unique apparel and accessories that celebrate the beauty of our colors and the brilliance of our people. Connecting our children to their colors empowers them with a better understanding of their culture, heritage and history. Our products are also designed to help instill within our youth the PRIDE, POWER and PURPOSE they need to overcome a modern society that attacks them with misguided media, messages, and the all too many negative influences they face every day.

UDI products make positive fundraising items for groups, schools, churches and anyone working towards a common cause and goal for good. We encourage you to use them as effective tools that better our youth and spread unity in our communities. Download "Funraising" Catalog Here.

From mentors to volunteers, from college students to high school students, from educators to leaders, we must all become role models and Purpose Providers to save a generation, and fulfill our rightful legacy. Let us rally all our resources, by any means necessary, to deliver more and more effective programs to and for more youth. We have within and amongst us the solution to overcome the most critical issue Black America faces today -- the future of our race.

Our belief is we need to be more and do more as one people to be more for and with all people. We encourage you to wear and share the PRIDE and POWER of our colors. Please help us give greater PURPOSE to our children!


To learn more about our purpose and programs, contact rgordon@uniteedesign.com

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