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Purpose Providers

Alexis in black RBG Purpose T shirt

To become a Purpose Provider

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“UniTees” (custom-designed tee shirts proudly featuring the red, black and green colors of African American culture) teach our younger generation a rich history and heritage to lift self-esteem and self-identity.  Applying a “by any means necessary” mentality, we spread our colors to promote, fund and develop a variety of youth enrichment initiatives.  By creating awareness, dialogue and solutions, we are redesigning “UniTee” to empower our youth.

Download the product catalog here and share our purpose with others to see if they’d be interested in buying a UniTee or two.  And we’ll pay you $2.50 for every shirt you sell.

Here are three more easy ways you can also help:

  1. Become a mentor or volunteer.  Or, at least, be a good role model.  Encourage others to stand tall too so our children have more positive people to look up to.  Obama strategically speaks to the value of how alot of individuals just doing a little bit of good can create substantial change for the better.
  1. Sign up for the UniTee Design e-newsletter.  And since we’re stronger in numbers, ask your family and friends to also sign up

    Click the "Join Now" button to receive our newsletter.

  1. Also let us know about individuals and groups enriching the quality of life and learning for and with our youth so we can all promote and support them.


Wear Your Colors RBG T shirts

Ideas For Purpose Providers:
Visit retail stores, churches and community venues
Send emails
Send letters of intent
Make follow-up calls
Assist customers with product ordering
Maintain relationships with customers

Who are Purpose Providers ?
Anyone who values the UDI vision and is ready to help move forward the mission. We all need to be Purpose Providers every day to ensure a more positive, brighter future for our children!

Please join us in reestablishing Black Unity by helping to build PRIDE, POWER and PURPOSE in your community and for our children. Contributions from individuals of any color and culture who help move our mission forward are warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated.





It's free, fun and rewarding!

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